Research Projects

S.O.L.A.C.E. Supporting Older Low-SES Adults and their Caregivers Electronically

SOLACE Project

Project Abstract Pending

HOMESHARE: Home-Based Smart Health Applications Across Research Environments


Project Abstract Pending

LEAD: Learning About Eating and Diet in Women of Mexican Origin

LEAD Project

Project Abstract Pending

RareWorld: Technologies for People with Rare Disease

RareWorld Project

The Rare World project explores the experiences of people with rare diseases, focusing on rarity as a common factor as opposed to symptoms or specific medical conditions. Having a disease that few have ever heard of, let alone understand, influences relationships with friends and family members, interactions with the medical system, and even how one thinks about oneself.
Our goal is to support and improve these experiences with novel sociotechnical solutions.

HealthyMe: Mobile Applications for Low-SES Adults Trying to Lose Weight

HealthyMe Project

Project Abstract Pending

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